Hi, my name is Ayla...

... and I like to sit in trees. I am first and foremost an artist, but I’m also an animal lover, an activist for a greener world, and a chocolate enthusiast. I graduated with a BFA in Visual Communications, a concentration in graphic design, and studies in photography.

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AYLAGRANEY@GMAIL.COM   •   +353 83 832 4591

DESIGN ACTIVIST • Ask anyone: When I am passionate about a topic, I am passionate about it. I pride myself on incorporating this quality into my designs whenever possible.

TREE HUGGER • I am that person who asks you to turn off the water when you brush your teeth. I am also known for rummaging through trash cans to find recycables. I have no regrets.

WORLD WANDERER • Based on evidence, I have the ability to fall in love with every city I visit. A few love-life highlights are Wellington, Sedona, San Francisco, Sydney, Florence, Dublin, and Queenstown.



• Internships Completed: Four
• Used Daily: Adobe Creative Suite
• Self-Taught Skill Sets: HTML, CSS


• Weddings Shot: Three
• First Personal Photo Show: 2016
• Skill Set: Photoshop, Lightroom


• Countries Visited: Ten
• Years as an Editor-in-Chief: Four
• Speeding Tickets Received: One

Complete Resume

"Ayla has a stellar work-ethic and is smart, creative, cheery, collected, and extremely effective in finding solid design solutions quickly. Ayla was the dream-intern. I recommend her without reservation and hope to work with her again professionally."

David Martinell, Quarto Publishing